The Executive Board shall be the President, the Vice President (At-Large), Area Representatives, all Association members serving on the NEA Board of Directors, all Association members serving on the OEA Board of Directors, an Education Support Professionals (ESP) Representative, a SCOPE Representative, an appointed OEA-R Representative, an appointed OEA-Student Representative, and nonvoting representatives approved by the Executive Board, upon recommendation of the President.

The Executive Board functions as the executive arm of the Association and is responsible for the development and execution of programs, and implementation of policies. The Board is responsible for the financial affairs, including the preparation and approval of the Association’s budget and the approval of all expenditures.

You can view the current list of Executive Board members, here.

Standing and special committees are established by and responsible to the Executive Board.

You can view the current list of committees and their members, here. If you are interested in serving on a Central Committee, you can submit an application here. We're always looking for new people to serve!

The ultimate leadership of Central OEA/NEA is you, via the Representative Assembly (RA). The Representative is the legislative body composed of delegates determined by elections. The Representative Assembly is convened once a year in the Spring. The Representative Assembly is the policy-making body of the Association, including the final approval of the budget, it may, from time to time, delegate portions of its responsibilities to the Executive Board.

Area Reps

Area 1 Rep  Heather Tinsley
Area 2 Rep Juliet Litzel
Area 3 Rep Jim Templeton
Area 4 Rep David Jardot
Area 5 Rep David Schottner
Area 5 Rep Kelly Modlich
Area 5 Rep Kim Cooper

Central OEA/NEA is pleased to announce the candidacy of Adrienne M. Bowden for OEA Vice President. The election will be held during the OEA Spring Representative Assembly in May 2019. Adrienne has served as an OEA Board of Directors, as past OEA District Leader’s Chair, and currently serves as Central’s President and NEA Director. Adrienne has been active on many national, state, district and local committees.