Purpose: To review and understand the NEA competencies on organizing to determine how to best serve our members in this regard. To mobile our members in action to become education advocates.

Organizing Committee Members:
Jim Templeton (Northeastern EA), Chair and Executive Board Liaison
Barry Alcock (OEA-R)
Justin Hennig (Grandview Heights EA)
Linna Jordan (Hilliard EA)
Cheryl Williams (Dublin SSA)
Sean McCullough (Licking Heights EA)
Jeanne Melvin (OEA-R)
Courtney Long (South-Western EA)
Sherise Thompson (Hilliard EA)
Katherine Turner (South-western EA)
Molly Wassmuth (Westerville EA)
Brittany Alexander (Hilliard EA)
Jennifer Harris (Pickerington EA)
Ifrah Aliawl (Reynoldsburg EA)
Staff Liaison: Russell Hughlock