Central OEA/NEA is one of the ten district organizations established by the Ohio Education Association's Constitution and Bylaws. The district organizations are an integral part of OEA and NEA governance, member service, and democratic representation.

Central represents over 23,000 members in 110 Local Teacher, Local ESP, MRDD, Higher Ed. and JVS affiliates and the State Council of Professional Educators. Central's members elect seven members to the OEA Board of Directors and over 150 delegates to the OEA and Central Representative Assemblies. Additionally, Central selects representatives to each of OEA's committees. 

Our Mission

Central OEA/NEA shall enhance respect for its members and public education by respectively shaping and supporting the goals of its state and local affiliates.

Our Goal is to organize through


Central OEA/NEA will:

  • Study and increase effectiveness of communication between Central and its local leadership and members.
  • Continue to collaborate with and improve relations with other OEA districts.

Meeting Local Needs

Central OEA/NEA will:

  • Recognize leadership development needs of all locals and provide strategies to support them.
  • Promote understanding of and commitment to diversity in our membership.
  • Expand grant programs to meet the needs of more locals.

Political Action

Central OEA/NEA will have:

  • Training and support to increase local awareness and participation in the political process.
  • A media program to promote public education.


Central OEA/NEA will:

  • Increase member access to quality professional development.
  • Expand opportunities for leader involvement beyond the local level.
  • Training of members in leadership roles.

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