Our communities overwhelmingly support fully and equitably funding our public schools so that every child gets an honest education, providing our students with critical thinking skills and the freedom to pursue their dreams. As a professional, you know what is best for our students. Below are ways you can take action to ensure our students continue to get the education they deserve. We need your voice to be heard! A personal message from a leader like you will go a long way in showing the power of the union.

Four things you can do now

NEA Edjustice: Pledge to Support Honesty in Education: Take the pledge and ask others to do the same!

Support Honest & Accurate Education: Pledge your voice so students can learn from the past, make sense of the present, and prepare for the future.

NEA: Your Priorities for Public Schools: Let NEA know what you most care about in our schools.

NEA Edjustice: Join the Justice League and build power back in your local Association and community

Resources: Honesty in Education

No matter our culture, ethnicity, or zip code, we want our kids to have an education that imparts honesty about who we are, integrity in how we treat others, and courage to do what’s right. Some politicians use distraction and division to dictate what we as educators can say and block kids from learning our shared stories of confronting injustice to build a more perfect union. Joining together, we can demand that our schools have the resources to meet every student’s needs with well-trained and supported educators and an honest curriculum to help shape our future.

NEA: Honestly in Education

We Make the Future: Messaging Guide and Digital Tool Kit

Honesty For Ohio Education

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