Central OEA/NEA encompasses 8 OEA units. Each unit is represented by an elected OEA Board of Directors member, who serve on the Central Executive committee.

Central OEA/NEA is organized into 5 geographic areas, numbered 1 through 5. Each area has an elected Area Representative (except area 5, which has 3), who serves on the Central OEA/NEA Executive Board.

Area # 1 Licking and Fairfield counties
Area # 2 Marion, Union, and Delaware counties
Area # 3 Clark, Logan, and Champaign counties
Area # 4 Fayette, Pickaway, Ross, and Madison counties, and Greenfield Exempted Village in Highland County
Area # 5 Franklin County including SCOPE and excluding Columbus City School District

Local Area
Adena E.A.4
Amanda-Clearcreek E.A.1
Amanda-Clearcreek S.S.A.1
Bellefontaine E.A.3
Benjamin Logan E.A.3
Berne Union E.A.1
Bexley E.A. 5
Big Walnut E.A.2
Big Walnut Prof S.S.2
Bloom Carroll E.A.1
Buckeye Valley T.A.2
Canal Winchester E.A.5
Chillicothe E.A.4
Circleville E.A.4
Clark Co. Assn of SE3
Clark Co. Vocational EA3
Clark-Shawnee Local EA3
Columbus State E.A.5
Delaware City T.A.2
Delaware JVS E.A.2
Dublin E.A.5
Dublin S.S.A.5
Eastland E.A.5
Elgin E.A.2
Fairbanks E.A.2
Fairfield Union E.A.1
Forest Rose E.A.1
Franklin Co BD of DD EA5
Gahanna-Jefferson E.A.5
Graham E.A.3
Grandview Hts Educ. SSA5
Grandview Hts. E.A.5
Granville E.A.1
Greenfield Ex Vlg E.A.4
Groveport-Madison E.A.5
Hamilton Local E.A.5
Heath E.A.1
Heath ED’L .S.S.A.1
Hilliard E.A.5
Huntington Local E.A. 4
Indian Lake A.C.E.3
Indian Lake E.A.3
Johnstown E.A.1
Jonathan Alder E.A.4
Lakewood A. Clasfd.1
Lakewood T.A- Licking  1
Lancaster E.A.1
Lancaster S.S.A 1
Liberty Union Thurston E.A.1
Licking Heights E.A.1
Licking Heights Local ESP1
Licking Valley E.A.1
Logan Elm C.T.A.4
London City E.A.4
Madison Plains E.A.4
Marion E.A.2
Marysville E.A.2
Mechanicsburg E.A.3
Miami Trace E.A.4
Miami Trace S.S.4
Newark T.A.1
North Fork E.A.1
North Union E.A.2
Northeastern Local A. of S.E.3
Northeastern Local E.A.3
Northridge E.A.- Licking 1
Northwestern A.S.E.3
Northwestern T.A.- Clark 3
Olentangy T.A.2
Paint Valley Local T.A. 4
Pickaway Ross T.A.4
Pickerington E.A.1
Pickerington S.S.A.1
Plain Local E.A.- Franklin 5
Pleasant A. of T. 2
Reynoldsburg E.A.5
Reynoldsburg S.S.A.5
Ridgedale T.A.2
River Valley Employees Assn.2
River Valley T.A.2
South-Western E.A.5
Southeastern Local E.A. (Clark)3
Southeastern Local E.S.P. (Clark)3
Southeastern Local T.A. (Ross)4
Southwest Licking E.A.1
Springfield City ESP- SEUSS3
Springfield E.A. (Clark)3
Teays Valley E.A.4
Tecumseh E.A.3
Tolles E.A.4
Tri-Rivers E.A.2
Union Scioto E.A.4
Unioto Support Assn.4
United Riverside E.A.3
Upper Arlington E.A.5
Urbana A.C.T.3
Walnut Twp E.A.1
Washington E.A.- Fayette 4
West Jefferson E.A.4
West Liberty Salem E.A.3
Westerville E.A.5
Westerville Education S.S.A.5
Westfall E.A.4
Whitehall E.A.5
Worthington E.A.5
Worthington E.S.P.5
Zane Trace E.A.4
Zane Trace S.S.P. ASSN4
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