Delegate Elections Tool Kit

In order that Central delegates have their voices heard on important issues facing OEA, locals need to make sure they send all eligible delegates.

We have prepared this delegate election toolkit to assist you. You can download any of these document templates to help you elect delegates to the OEA RA and the NEA RA.

A 1 page primer on OEA and NEA elections
This is a cover letter sent to head building reps in the elections packet, which includes the ballots as well as the biography sheets.
An example of an election notification postcard. Delegate information will be mailed to either the local president, other officers or the designated elections person. Please read the OEA-established regulations for holding elections. Also, be sure to read the election rules in your local's Constitution and By-Laws.
OEA elections Manual

OEA Ballot Form

This is a ballot template. Simply list the qualified candidates, along with notification of how many candidates may be elected in your local.

NEA Ballot Form

A ballot template, with the proviso that write-ins are not permitted per NEA rules.
This sheet is compiled listing every candidate and is made available with the ballots distributed to the buildings. It can be adapted for both NEA and OEA Rep elections.
This form is sent to every member; candidates fill it out and submit it by a certain date, to allow for voting in the buildings in time to make the October deadline. This form can be adapted for the NEA election too.

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